Is a bigger office better than a better located one?

Any employee, whatever their role, needs a suitable workspace in order to carry out their duties efficiently. When it comes to office choice, a common issue can be whether size should be prioritised over location. If you are having this problem, here are some important factors to consider before deciding which is best:

1. What is the office space going to be used for

This might sound simple, but creating a breakdown of what the office is actually going to be used for will help you understand how big it needs to be. For example if most of the time it is going to be used by one employee could a smaller office suffice and occasional meetings be held in a different space? However, if it is largely going to be used for consultations then it may be necessary to upscale so that it is suitable for its main purpose.

2. Is it necessary for any facilities to be nearby?

Another factor to bear in mind is the location of the office. Will staff and clients be able to easily access it? Are there suitable transport links or parking spaces available? Will it be easy to accept deliveries? Do you need to be able to get potential clients out somewhere within the vicinity or are negotiations carried out solely with the office itself?

3. Are you likely to expand quickly?

If you are likely to grow quickly, then a bigger premises may be more suitable even if the location isn’t perfect. This is because, a continuous workspace creates a stable environment to grow your business from. In contrast, relocating can be disruptive to employees and your clients.

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