Thefts from Vacant Commercial Properties

Having recently had this happen at our big valley site during its’ development, when we saw this article by Eddisons we thought it was worth writing about!

Any empty commercial property can be a target for theft or damage but in the winter months there are certain items that thieves are after.

Copper pipes and radiators are appealing to thieves as they are easily removable and is seen as valuable scrap metal. Generators and electronics are also amongst the main thing that could be removed from a vacant property to prevent theft and damage.

As well as removing certain items, as the winter months bring longer spells of darkness a good preventable measure is motion sensor lighting and leaving alarms set where possible.

As mentioned in the article, ‘according to Aviva of the £2 billion worth of damage done to property in the UK through vandalism and arson, 25 per cent of it relates to vacant properties.’ and ‘according to the Vacant Property Specialists, the pillaging of metals is one of the quickest growing UK crimes. It is also one of the priciest, costing the country an estimated £770 million a year.’

Whilst having a vacant property isn’t something that can be prevented, the article offers tips to try and make it less appealing to thieves.

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