Italia Autosport are one of our longest standing tenants here at Towndoor, after moving into the premises almost 32 years ago!

Italia Autosport are renowned worldwide for being trusted, reliable and successful Ferrari independents in Europe, and we are very proud to have them as part of our tenant community.



‘In 1993 Italia Autosport was in its infancy having just outgrown a small premises in the centre of Meltham. Back then, business was done on the strength of a handshake and a man’s word was his bond. (The late) Stuart Bamforth met with John to discuss making Towndoor the base for his fledgling business. Stood in the foundations in the footprint of a building, the decision was made to combine two 3000 sq. ft units creating a bespoke workshop/office and reception space that would grow with us. After 32 years Towndoor isn’t just our house, its our home.

Underpinning the success of Italia is John Pogson’s drive to succeed. We push forward to the next goal and know our best achievement is always yet to come.

Learning from the last 30 years that the ability to adapt is key, some of our clients have been with us and specifically John since the beginning of his career with Ferrari, when word of mouth was the best way of building a customer base. Now, we welcome in a new generation of car owners and a new wave of ‘classic’ vehicle, currently only a few years old. Media becomes one of the most important tools in our toolbox to keeping the Italia brand at the forefront of the industry.

At 68 years old and after thirty years pouring every waking moment into the company, John remains firmly at the helm of Italia Autosport and has great plans for the next thirty years. Upholding the old-style values and service standards of yesterday whilst embracing and mentoring the custodians and Ferrari engineers of tomorrow.

Watch this space!’



We are honoured to have played even a small part in Italia Autosport’s journey, and can’t wait to see where the next 32 years takes them.

Thank you for choosing Towndoor those 32 years ago, and for continuing to choose us every year since.

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