Unit N11: Light Refurbishment Project

March 2024

Revitalising Unit N11: A Light Refurbishment Project


In the heart of Meltham Mills, a quiet transformation has taken place at Unit N11. What once housed a bustling bakery now stands as a spacious, open warehouse, infused with modern amenities and energy-efficient solutions. This recent project breathed new life into the space, focusing on simplicity and functionality to meet the needs of its new occupants.

The primary goal of the refurbishment was clear: to optimise the functionality of Unit N11 while enhancing its energy efficiency and aesthetics. The journey began with the demolition of the existing bakery infrastructure, paving the way for a blank canvas upon which the vision of a contemporary warehouse could take shape.

Central to the project was the integration of LED lighting technology. Gone are the outdated, energy-draining fixtures of yesteryear. In their place, sleek LED lights now illuminate the space, providing ample brightness while significantly reducing energy consumption. The shift to LED lighting not only enhances visibility but also underscores the commitment to sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

Another notable addition to the revamped Unit N11 is the installation of a new, efficient water heater. This upgrade ensures a reliable supply of hot water while minimizing energy wastage, further aligning the space with modern standards of efficiency and eco-consciousness.

Beyond the practical enhancements, the refurbishment project also encompassed a thoughtful approach to aesthetics. The warehouse now boasts a fresh coat of paint, breathing new vibrancy into its surroundings.

Throughout the refurbishment process, a commitment to simplicity and functionality guided every decision. The focus was not on extravagant embellishments or ostentatious displays but rather on creating a space that serves its purpose effectively and efficiently. The result is a revitalised Unit N11 that balances practicality with modern sensibilities, ready to adapt to the dynamic demands of its occupants.


In conclusion, the light refurbishment of Unit N11, Meltham Mills, stands as a testament to the transformative power of simplicity and practicality. By demolishing the old to make way for the new, integrating energy-efficient solutions, and embracing a minimalist aesthetic, this project has rejuvenated a once-dormant space, paving the way for a brighter and more sustainable future.

This project was carried out by our in-house maintenance team and trusted contractors, including Hawley's Building Services, Amtiler Decorators, Graham's Plumbing & Heating and Apex Fire & Safety Systems.


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