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The Hultafors Group UK head office has been based in Meltham Mills for over 25 years.  We have a sales team working throughout the UK but the heart of our business in the UK runs from our Towndoor owned premises in Meltham, which hosts our customer services, accounts, marketing, a display showroom and a UK warehouse.

Originally when we ‘moved in’ to Meltham we had just the one brand, Snickers Workwear, which is still the core part of our business today.  Snickers Workwear develop cutting-edge workwear based on the real needs of professional users combining amazing fit, hardwearing comfort and advanced functionality.  Snickers Workwear originated in Sweden and the brand now has offices across Europe and has even started selling over the Atlantic into the US market.

In addition to Snickers Workwear, we also have many other brands that we sell at the Hultafors Group, all of which are used by craftsmen and women such as electricians, plumbers and builders.  These brands include Solid Gear safety footwear, Hellberg hearing and face protection, Hultafors hand tools, and CLC tool carrying solutions

All our products are sold via a network of retailers across the whole of the UK.  To support the retailers, we also have big events truck, which is on the road most weeks of the year meeting trades men and women but makes the trip back to Meltham quite a few times a year for re-stocking and maintenance.

Our group ethos is that we are: ‘In every way, we are a partner to rely on’ which we aim to work by every day!

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"The Hultafors Group UK has been a tenant of Towndoor for many years and I have been impressed by their responsiveness and willingness to help whenever required. The team have always been friendly, and the company is constantly looking at ways to upgrade the already well-maintained site."
Peter Dumigan – Managing Director

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