Pump House - Roof Refurbishment

February 2023

Complete Asphalt Re-Roof of the Sprinkler System Pump House at Meltham Mills Industrial Estate

Meltham Mills Industrial Estate is protected by a sprinkler fire prevention system which covers the majority of the site. Two John Deere diesel engines power this robust set-up, ensuring fire-fighting water is swiftly pumped to the area that requires attention. Along with the engines & pumps, the sprinkler system pump house is home to a majority of the control systems which ensure smooth, continuous operation of the system.

It's essential to ensure that the roofing system is in good working order and that it provides adequate protection against water, wind, and other environmental factors. therefore we pro-actively arranged for our trusted asphalt roofing contractor, Competent Asphalt Co. Ltd, to strip and re-felt the roof, in order to prevent leaks from causing damage to the internal equipment.

Proper installation and maintenance of the roofing system will ensure that the pumps and other equipment are protected and that the sprinkler system is functioning efficiently.


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