Unit D3, Meltham Mills Industrial Estate - Full Unit Refurbishment

June 2023

The process of finding a suitable space for a growing business can be challenging. However, for our existing tenant, Pymroyd Services Ltd, their search for additional space with Towndoor led them to Unit D3, a small detached industrial unit located at Meltham Mills Industrial Estate. With the aim of optimising the available area to meet their evolving needs, a comprehensive refurbishment project was undertaken.

The refurbishment journey of Unit D3 at Meltham Mills Industrial Estate showcased the potential of thoughtful enhancements to meet the growing needs of businesses.

Coretech Electrical Services Ltd installed LED lighting and additional plug sockets guaranteeing energy efficiency and optimal functionality. Unit D3 was transformed into an efficient and visually appealing space for Pymroyd Services Ltd. This successful refurbishment served as a testament to the collaboration between Towndoor and trusted contractors, highlighting the value of effective project management and skilled craftsmanship in creating ideal work environments.

Grahams Plumbing & Heating was responsible for the seamless integration of the new toilet and sink, ensuring the highest standards of plumbing. Into-Fit Kitchens expertly handled the woodwork including a loft hatch, providing easy access to additional storage. The property recently benefited from new insulated steel-clad walls and roof, thanks to Jacamast Structureclad.

Recognising the significance of creating a visually appealing and welcoming workspace, a complete redecoration of Unit D3 was undertaken. Amtiler Decorators, a trusted contractor, skillfully carried out this task, ensuring a fresh and professional ambience within the unit.

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